Alternatives to Reservations in Higher Education

T. V. Rao
Former Professor IIMA, Chairman TVRLS

“The proposed reservation policy of our government is like “searching for the gold we lost at a place where there is light, and not at the place where we lost it”.  Assuming that there is merit in OBCs it should be searched at the place where it was lost and not in IIMs, IITs and AIIMS and other higher educational Institutions”

Today we are living in globalized world. Competition is not any more with our-selves (not within India) but outside India (with other countries like China, USA, Europe, and all other countries). If we are able to get the attention of the US and most other nations have become friendlier to us and are looking forward to do business with us it is because they see talent in our country and the same is promoted by the talent from IITs, IIMs and Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and Technologists and other Professionals.

It is professionals from higher educational institutions that are running the race and are keeping our flag high and getting a good name for our country. If MNCs, consulting companies and big organizations from the US, Europe and other countries are preferring Indian Graduates from IITs, IIMs and other Engineering colleges and technical institutions and Indian Doctors are making a mark it is because of the quality of education and institutions we have.

Today India is respected across the world because of our investments in Science and Technology education in sixties and early seventies. In today’s world competition requires high level professionals in Science (including space, environment and health sciences), Technology (including IT, appropriate technology, nuclear and other higher forms as well as technology appropriate for development), Management, and Design etc.

The paradox to note is while Indian talent is gaining a lot of respect thanks to the contributions of IT, management and other professionals, the reputation is selective and is emerging. It is not complete. The world is watching us. India as a country and as a whole does not enjoy good reputation in the world. Look at our Human Development Index where about 127 countries are above us in terms of their HRD! In spite of it if foreign industry and investors are coming to India it is because of IITs, IIMs and other higher educational institutions and the quality of education they offer.

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